sevesteen (sevesteen) wrote,

Car wreck

Had a car wreck last night on my way home from work. No damage to me, car has body damage (which will cost more than the car is worth) but is drivable.

Was headed North on 75 through Dayton, just before the Stanley Avenue exit. 3 lanes, wall between N and S traffic. I was in the far left lane passing a big Budget box truck in the middle lane. He started drifting into my lane. I honked and braked, but he kept coming, and knocked me into a spin. I wound up in the ditch. He stopped 100 yards up, just past the exit.

Tore the front bumper plastic off, and damaged the whole passenger side slightly, shredded the right rear tire. Took a couple tries to get it jacked high enough to change the tire--Standard jack doesn't work that well in a dirt ditch.

Apparently the other driver tried to claim I came to his lane, but a witness stopped with him and told the officer that he came into my lane. The other driver was cited.
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